Wednesday, December 15, 2010

MORE snow days

The winter storm is STILL lingering so we are enjoying an extended Christmas break around here!

Forts have been built
Basketball games have been played inside

Yesterday we braved the cold and snow to head out to the library and McDonalds! Hope was so proud of her little tiny snow boots and her first ever ponytail!

I finished making the goodie baskets for the awesome ladies that work in Mike's office.

Sunday school inspired Kyle to try to make this peppermint bark that they enjoyed at church on Sunday. He opened all these candy canes,

Melted some white chocolate candy coating...

Poured the broken candy cane pieces into the melted chocolate...

and spread it out in a pan to cool. It is really the first thing he has ever been interested in cooking all by himself and he did it! It is pretty yummy stuff! He knows that I have shared recipes on the blog in the past and he insisted that I share this one!

On a sad note, our sweet girl is super sick today. The boys are being so quiet and sweet to her. She woke up around 4 and has thrown up twice. I may take her into the doctor later if she does not feel better after this big nap. Bless her little heart:)
I hope and pray that she feels better this afternoon. David has his debut as an angel tonight at the church Christmas play!! I was trying to practice some of his songs with him this morning and he is insisting that as the angel he is suppose to sing "Big Green Tractor" instead of Joy to the World. This could quite possibly be a very interesting spin on the Christmas story tonight at church! I will hopefully post pictures and video of the production!

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