Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

What a wonderful magical Christmas we have had this year. Christmas with three kids is certainly an exhausting thing, but I love every minute of the craziness!

Christmas Eve the kids spread out the reindeer food on the snow!
Christmas Eve we started out at my Mom's house for a family lunch, games, presents, and fun. There are a total of five grandchildren-four boys and then little Hope. It is loud, wild, and fun!!

Thankfully because of Xbox they were able to all play together for a bit while we cleaned up the kitchen. Hope is so shy, but she really loves Hunter.

FOUR generations of Beamer women. This picture means a lot to me and I am so thankful that we finally took the time to take it. Pictures like this are truly priceless!

Then, we headed to my Uncle George's house for an even bigger extended family gathering for Christmas eve. Here is David with his new best friend, Abram. Abram plays baseball for RU. I have been going to George's house since I was Hope's age for our annual family gathering of more good food, a short children's program, family worship time, and then we play a wild game of dirty bingo. Fun times!

Then we come home and get ready for Santa! As you can see, Santa was indeed good to my three babes this year:)

Hope got a little vanity set, and here is David fixing her hair! Ha! I love it!

Christmas Day was awesome because we actually had a WHITE Christmas! It snowed all day Christmas day, but my parents were still able to come and see what Santa brought the kids. My Mom and Hope snuggled for an afternoon nap:)

After Hope's nap we opened Oma's gifts, and Hope was so tickled with her new tea set!

Our White Christmas:)

Then we opened gifts from Daniel and Pam and here is Hope modeling her new monogrammed shirt with matching hairbow from Shreveport! So cute:) There is also a pink and green one:)

A christmas eve shot of my boys. This picture melts my heart.

A rare picture of me with my three babes:) I had a wonderful Christmas with my three children-ages 9, 6, and 1. I pray that despite the family events, presents, and fun that they will always remember that it is all about Jesus in that manger:) I am so thankful for the blessings of this season and I pray that 2011 will be wonderful!:)

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