Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Shadow

This Christmas I have been super busy around the house baking, cleaning, wrapping, and I have had a little shadow beside me every step of the way.

Hope loves to be wherever Mommy is! Here she is licking the beaters after we made some Neiman Marcus brownies.
She even is obsessed with my oven mitts!

Are they done yet?
It is so baffling to me how different little girls are than boys. The boys will get in the kitchen and help me do fun baking, but they have no interest in shadowing me around the house like Hope does.
I so enjoy my little shadow under my feet:) She helps me with laundry, cleaning up toys, and she loves to help me cook. My shadow definitely slows me down, but I am going to treasure these moments together because I know sometime very soon she may not be as interested in being Mommy's little helper.
Mike and I have talked so much lately about what Hope will need from us to be a strong, confident, and kind soul. We can already tell that she is going to be much more senitive than the boys but maybe much more of a firecracker!
The other day I was listening to our country station for some reason, and this old song came on the radio and I just cried. When this song came out years ago I never dreamed that we would have a daughter:) I pray that in Hope's eyes I will always be a hero:) Enjoy this oldie but goodie song!

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