Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holy Ice Storm!

Thankfully we have power now but our county still looks like a war zone from the recent ice storm.

Trees down in our yard...
limbs down everywhere!

Despite the agony it caused with bad roads and no power, the ice was beautiful in the trees.

I had fun walking outside and getting these shots!

The ice is still lingering, but our roads are clear now and power has finally been restored to most of our county. The kids were gone during the storm but Mike and I stayed here and roughed it! Ha:)

When it warms up Mike has already warned me that we have lots of work to do outside to clear up the mess.

I think I would rather stay inside and enjoy the festive decorations and wonderful candles burning on the mantle than clean up that mess! I think Mike is just excited at the thought of pullin out his chain saw!!
We are officially on Christmas break now-the last two weeks that we have been out due to weather were just warm-ups for the real thing! The kids are so excited that Mike will be home with us this week and we really have nothing major on the agenda!!! Precious family unstructured time is such a blessing.
The kids want to see Yogi Bear at the movies and we have one more run to the mall to finish off our Christmas list. Kyle has a few AAU practices and scrimmages but other than that we are just going to be together and enjoy the week. Enjoy this week with your family and lets all try to remember that it is all about the babe in the manger who came to save us all from our sins! There is no gift out there in a mall or superstore that can ever top that.

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