Sunday, October 7, 2012


This weekend has simply been exactly what this Momma has needed.  Except to go to church and to the grocery store I have been home in my comfy clothes.  Weekends at home are precious gifts. 

This weekend started out Friday afternoon with a trip to Williams farm with preschool.  Hope and I had a fun day at the farm (after we realized she was petrified of hay?) with our friends. 
After sweet girl warmed up to the farm she had a ball.  Our friend Macy was with us and the weather was beautiful. 
She would NOT touch the hay in the hay lofts, but she did love that slide.  I got a workout putting her up on the slide without touching one piece of hay.  Bless her princess heart.  I do not believe she will make a good farm wife one day! Ha!
Southwest Virginia is simply gorgeous all the time, but especially in the fall.  Their farm has some beautiful views and the hay ride back was pure heaven.  The sun felt good on my face and my girl was beside me. 
I love our mountains and the leaves are so beautiful this time of year.  For once I could actually enjoy a fall activity that I did last year without having that pit in my stomach. 

After we left the farm we went with some friends to the nearby Dutch Pantry in Rural Retreat for lunch and shopping for goodies.  We had lunch with our preschoolers in tow and it was such fun.  God has blessed me with some funny and amazing friends to laugh and parent with.  We laughed so loudly that my head hurt afterwards.  Good friends and belly laughs are great medicine for stress:) 
This picture is precious to me because my girl loves school.  When she is playing at home I hear her saying everything I say at school. She greets her imaginary students in the same upbeat "good morning" I give to each of my students when they come in in the morning.  She leads her "class" in the pledge and prayer just like we do at FUMC preschool.  It is precious but also a reminder to me that little ears take in everything.  I pray she mimics me praying and talking sweet instead of yelling and expressing my frustration trying to get us all out of the door on time in the mornings.

We have a sweet little tradition on Sunday afternoons to go to preschool.  Mike and Kyle have basketball for a few hours on Sunday so the little ones and I go to preschool to set out the crafts for the week and get organized.  Hope is in her element because she has a real life student that she can boss around-David!!  Ha! In the picture above she is reading Pete the Cat to him. 
This morning in church the little preschoolers came in during offering time to offer their offering in church.  Here is sweet Hope and Brady coming in with Ms. June.  I cannot believe she saw me and still went on with her friends back to Sunday School.  She is growing up!
Thanks to Pinterest (yes I am addicted) here is one of our bulletin boards at preschool.  I love my job. 

David is doing well this weekend except for his first little gunky cold of the season.  He does not feel bad, he just sounds like a smoker with a raspy voice.  He is on his weekend antibiotic (Bactrim) to ward off scary pneumonia.  He used to get this medicine via his port, but now that we are central line free he must take it orally.  He is not a fan, but we must continue until his immune system catches up from the rollercoaster ride of chemo. 

Happy Weekend!!

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