Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Hurricane" Sandy

I cannot believe an October blog post includes snow pictures of my kiddos, but because of Hurricane Sandy we had several inches of cold, wet snow dumped on us here in southwest Virginia. 

My children were so excited to see their first snow of the year and I  bundled them up for a quick trip outside to play.  It was super cold and windy so Hope and David were outside for just a few minutes and Kyle did not even make it 30 minutes. 
Hope loves her bunny hat so much that she hopped around in the snow.  It took me longer to get them ready then they were actually outside, but who cares when you look this cute!!!
I cannot believe during a fall hurricane we actually got snow!!!
Their one and only trip down the hill.  The wind coming off of the golf course was pretty brutal so I enticed them back inside by offering to bake cupcakes with them!! 

It was really a great day to be lazy and enjoy time together.  We cooked, did puzzles, watched some TV, and just enjoyed a pj day at home.  The snow even made us reschedule Hope's halloween party at school today!  We are so thankful for the power that has stayed on and that it appears that the wind has calmed down this evening. 

Tomorrow for halloween we received an email from our town asking families to reconsider traditional trick or treating due to the cold and snow.  Tomorrow instead of going door to door several friends from church have thrown together an indoor trick or treating family night with pizza and candy in the church fellowship hall tomorrow night.  I am so thankful to not have to brave the cold and snow to celebrate!  A warm and cozy fellowship hall with friends and pizza sounds pretty good to this Momma tonight!

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