Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy, Night of Laughter, and Leaves

One of the last things we did as a "normal" family last year before cancer came tumbling into our lives,  was to play in the leaves and take pictures.  I said I was not going to do it again this year, and I meant it. 

Then Saturday my kids raked up some leaves and started having a ball in them. 
Kyle then asked me if I was going to get my camera because they are used to me taking lots of pictures:)  I then ran inside and grabbed my camera and started clicking.  Cancer took my baby's kidney and adrenal gland, made us go through the trauma of chemo and radiation, and tried to take our peace.  By darn cancer is not going to make me miss pictures like the one above:)

I love this picture because Saturday it was truly warm enough to run around outside barefoot.  Today; however, Hurricane Sandy has hit us and we are in the 30's and it is snowing.  This weather is mind blogging and to think that we could get a foot of snow tonight!  We will see what the weather holds for us tomorrow!
I love capturing her sweet and natural smile. She is going through a phase where her smiles look pasted on, but in this picture she was laughing at the boys and did not realize I was even clicking away.  

This past weekend was awesome.  Saturday Mike and Kyle spent several hours at a swim meet. I stayed home with Hope and David and we crafted some, and just hung out.  Lazy Saturdays at home are precious gifts and we love them so much.  I am a crafting whiz these days with my Cricut and a basket full of vinyl. 

Saturday night we went over to a friend's house with three other families.  Between the four families there were too many kids to count, a fabulous meal, adult conversations where we laughed so hard our bellies hurt, and a dessert that I am still thinking about.  I love when we can get together with friends and laugh about life, marriage, and our kids.  We are so blessed to have some great christian friends in our lives to parent with and navigate life with.  After the craziness of the past few weeks it felt so good to laugh so loudly!

Maybe tomorrow I will be able to post some snow pictures??!! 

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