Sunday, October 14, 2012

Jesus the Rock Star

Today we received the news that Mike's father passed away.  We will miss him, but he passed peacefully and he did not suffer.  He was sitting in his recliner watching his tv when his heart just gave out.  We are hitting the road first thing in the morning to travel to Arkansas for his funeral. 

Even though Mike is shocked and his heart hurts, we see God's handiwork all over this situation.  Just six weeks or so ago Mike took Kyle and Hope to see him in his new assisted living facility in Shreveport, LA. They had a wonderful visit and he enjoyed meeting Hope and they made some sweet memories together. 

According to Mike's brother Daniel and his wife, Pam, the kitchen ladies sent someone to check on him when  he did not show up for breakfast or lunch today.  Blessedly he was in a new, clean apartment and he has been in good spirits the last few weeks.  His physical and mental health have not always been great, so Mike and Daniel are comforted that he did not suffer and he is now in a better place. 

Today when we told David that we have to leave to go on a big trip because Opa died, he gasped loudly and put his hand to his mouth.  He then said "he is with Jesus!" David reminded us today that because of Jesus death is not a sad event but rather one to be celebrated.  I am so thankful that David provided us with that perspective today when we were scurrying around in utter shock preparing for a road trip.  To David, Jesus is the ultimate rock star and what a treat that Opa is now with him.  David may never be the valedictorian or win a nobel prize, but this sweet boy truly understands what is important in life.  May we all live as though Jesus is the ultimate rock star that we work our whole lives to meet! 

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