Saturday, October 20, 2012

Arkansas Part 2

Blessedly I am blogging from home this time!  We arrived home last night and I almost cried when we pulled up to our house.  I have never in my life been so happy to be home. 

Here are some more pictures from our week in Arkansas.  It is still hard to believe that Opa is gone, but we are so happy he is free from his earthly body and is with Jesus. 

Daniel (Mike's brother), their mother Cathy, and Mike.  I also think it is hilarious that David snuck into the picture!!  He is something else:)
David loves the story of David and Goliath from the bible and found the book version of the story and helped himself to read it during the family meal.  Our David has certainly battled his share of Goliaths in his life. 
Another big group picture!  The lady on the left is Cathy's sister Sylvia and her daughters Vanessa (in the orange shirt) and Bridget in the black.  Vanessa is married to Lance (tall guy in the orange) and they have two kiddos Anneke and Austin.  Her other daughter Bridget is a school teacher in Crosset and has a cute little guy, Blake.  Cathy and Sylvia have another sister that lives in Holland where they are originally from.  Sylvia had two girls and Cathy had two boys:)
This is a picture of the Robinson side of the family.  This is a picture of Opa's only sister, Melanie and her two kiddos Jake and Rebecca.  Rebecca and her husband Randall have two little girls Sarah and Aubrey and they are expecting another little girl, Zoe soon.  Jake is married to Courtney and they live in Springfield, Missouri. 
This was taken after the graveside and our sweet little girl checking out the cemetary.  This was towards the end of the day and her hairbow was long gone, her dress was wrinkled and she had ripped off her lacy socks:)
This picture is precious to me.  David was obsessed with the two military men and he wanted to salute to look like them:)  Our kids really handled all the traveling and craziness very well.  We were so proud of them.
A beautiful scene from the graveside service.  Opa was very proud that he served his country. 
We were so appreciative of these two young men who came to play taps at the service. 
This is Mike's oldest nephew Andrew who is a sophomore in high school.  Hope warmed up to him so he was able to hold her for most of the group pictures:) when I first came into the Robinson family Andrew was only 18 months old. 

Blessedly we are home and recovering from the nastiness that Mike and I have been battling.  We have no energy and still cannot eat but we are hopeful with rest and Gatorade that we will turn the corner soon.  We are so thankful that David and our other kiddos did not get this. 

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