Thursday, October 25, 2012


This week has been hard on this Momma.  My body has just not quite caught up from the nasty food poisoning that we had last week.  Between the sickness and all that traveling this Momma is ready for the weekend.  The kids are feeling it to and it was an early bedtime for them tonight. 

Tonight I am feeling so thankful for educators.  We had both boys' parent conferences tonight and we are so pleased with both of their progress in the classroom.  Listening to David's teachers talk about his strengths and weaknesses blew me away.  Basically last year he was so sick that he did a little work at UVa but it was all Ipad based learning.  He did very little paper and pencil traditional work at UVA with his two teachers there and to see his journal full of his big handwriting was so sweet to me tonight.  We are so thankful for God for blessing him with the gift of resiliency and for all the wonderful educators who are involved with him.

Today I got a huge lump in my throat at preschool when I was pulling out my folder with all the thanksgiving crafts in it.  Those crafts and things are the last thing I remember at preschool before our world fell apart.  This time of year is really bringing a lot of the bad memories back to me, but I know that God got us through last November and he will get us through this November:) 

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