Sunday, October 14, 2012

Go Gold!

October is breast cancer awareness month.  I love seeing all the pink everywhere and knowing that this huge movement for breast cancer has made a difference in the lives of friends and family.  I also love having a little girl named Hope because this time of year we can get cute things for her that are "monogrammed!" 

I also love seeing all the manly football players and other athletes sporting the pink.  It hit me yesterday that this time last year seeing that pink did not hit home for me like it does this year.  On one hand I am thrilled that everyone is getting involved in a cancer movement but on the other hand it would be great to see the same athletes that sport that pretty pink in October to also wear gold in September for childhood cancer awareness month. 

Here are some childhood cancer facts:

In the past twenty years only one new cancer drug has been approved for pediatric cancer. 

Currently, 35,000 children are in treatment for cancer. 

Cancer will kill 7 children today. 

Each year 13,500 children in the US and parents hear what we heard.  "Your child has cancer."

Childhood cancer only receives 4% of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) total budget. 

Today in reading this blog (truly beautiful and heart breaking at the same time) I stumbled across this online petition asking the  NFL and Nike to next year sport the gold in September.  I love my breasts but I also love my baby who has battled stage four cancer.  Please take a moment and read this short petition and sign it.  It means so much to us parents that battle the Goliath named childhood cancer. 

Click here:

Thank you for loving our boy and praying us through this nightmare.  The nightmare is far from over for us, but blessedly David is out of treatment and we are home more than we are at UVA now.  Your love and prayers through this blog are so encouraging to us. 

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  1. My husband and I were actually talking last night about the pink the football players were wearing and why they don't show support for other cancers! I think it's great that they are displaying their pink but you can't forget the others!