Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Fun (Sort Of)

It is that time of year....

and because of the Connor's beautiful pumpkin patch we have gorgeous pumpkins that look like this.
For the last several years Ashley and I have carved pumpkins with the kids.  This year we tried really hard.
We cut holes out of the top....
scooped some guts out and it just made our hearts hurt.  This is one of the last fun activities that we did before the world fell apart last year.  IT just brought back too many memories so we put the pumpkins back out on the porch uncarved.  The kids did not even get into it.  I guess certain things will always trigger the trauma of last fall:(  Stupid cancer.
Then seeing these sweet faces all dressed up for Halloween makes us all smile so much.  David is certainly dressed appropriately in his Superman costume because he has had superman bravery to fight the cancer as hard as he has.  He will always be my superman!!
This little lady is growing up so fast and tonight she wanted to be Belle with a little makeup on:)
Our fuzzy-headed Superman ready for the school monster mash.  When it was actually time to head to the school for the monster mash, he was over it and both he and Hope took off their costumes and chose to stay home and enjoy the sunshine on our playground. 
Our sweet little Belle.  May she love reading like Belle does in the movie Beauty and the Beast! May she always also remember that she is a princess of the most high God and that he is enthralled with her beauty:)
Sweet sweet kisses on the cheek:)  These two may fight at times, but they have the sweetest sibling bond. 
Slow dancing in the leaves...:) 

This has been a rough week emotionally on this Momma.  Right when we got back from Mike's Dad's funeral we got a message on our voice mail from David's kidney doctor that was not great.  Instead of his kidney functioning at 82% this blood test that had a several week turnaround shows that his kidney is only functioning at 47%.  Not at all the news we wanted to hear but we trust God to intervene and we have turned his kidney over to Him.   Please add David's kidney to your prayer list.  We will now have to watch for protein in his urine, blood pressure, and sudden weight gains during his monthly clinic visit from now on.  Those will be signs that his kidney is not functioning well:( 

This weekend we are looking forward to resting, catching up, and some social time with good friends.  Happy Weekend!

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