Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hot Saturday Night Date

Last night David and I had a hot date to a local worship experience called Encounter.  We have gone as a family the last few years, but last night Kyle was not feeling great, Mike was feeling yucky and Hope needed an early bedtime.  So David and I loaded up and went out on the town. 

I will admit that yesterday I had a terrible attitude.  Mike and I have both felt a little like Job from the bible yesterday and we are feeling tested right now.  I felt defeated and for the first time EVER in the last year I wondered "why us?"  I was overwhelmed at all the school work my kids are facing this week, lesson planning for me, the piles of laundry that were everywhere and I had no energy to deal with any of it.  We are feeling physically better but we are both super weak.

So last night even though I did not feel the greatest to head out on the town, I went anyway and I am so glad I did.  They sang David's favorite song "How He Loves Us" and overall the whole event was awesome.  David made me stay for the entire two hours he was loving it so much.  It was an awesome night after our crazy week to get my praise on with my favorite 8 year old!

One of the songs that the band Burnt Offering sang last night was Your Love Never Fails.  We sing it a lot at church, but I got a huge lump in my throat singing the part that says "You make all things work together for my good."  I forget that our God is the God of the universe who has a much better perspective on our lives and he can take things like cancer, sudden death of a parent, tornados, and yes even food poisoning and turn it into good.  This side of heaven sad and bad things like that do not always make sense in the here and now, but to our awesome God He can work all things together for our good. 

Yesterday I allowed self pity and frustration to overwhelm me instead of remembering that His love never fails. Even when we are watching our child endure chemotherapy, hugging the toilet during the food poisoning or burying a parent unexpectedly His love never ever fails.  Blessed be the name of the Lord.  Enjoy this awesome song that reminds us all that there will be tough patches in life but his joy comes in the morning. 

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