Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Fun

This week we have been blessed with some fall fun with some sweet friends.  Yesterday Hope and I went to the Connor's house to visit their pumpkin patch with our preschool friends for a field trip.  David was so sad that he did not get to go I asked the very generous Connor's if I could bring David and Kyle today. 

This picture is beautiful to me because this is where little boys should be-out on a beautiful farm with friends instead of being in a hospital.  I could weep looking at this sweet boy surrounded by all those big beautiful pumpkins.  Thank you Lord that today we are here instead of 7th floor of UVA hospital.  May we never take carefree and fun days like this for granted. 
David, Garrett Dimit and Kyle at the pumpkin patch.  David and Garrett are in the same class this year and they are sweet friends. They often facetime together! 
Little Hope got another small pumpkin today to match her other small one she got yesterday.  Sweet girl really loved taking her brothers to the farm. 
Not only did the kids get to get a pumpkin to carve at home, but the Connor's were generous enough to let them pick a pumpkin to take to school for the upcoming Monster Mash. 
There just so happened to be a football in our car and the boys had fun throwing it around in the pumpkin patch.  We would have stayed longer but it was really chilly and windy. 
Here are some pictures of our day at the pumpkin patch with our preschool friends.  Sweet Hope and Macy ready for some fun. 
My shy little bunny who was so shy that she turned her head in the group picture.  She did come out of her shell to pick a sweet little pumpkin that she is insisting stays in her room. 
I love witnessing Hope break out of her shyness and play with her friends.  My dear coworker, Misty lives down the street from the pumpkin patch and she had all the preschoolers to her beautiful home for snacks and play after pumpkin picking.  It was a fun (but chilly) day with our preschool friends. 

The closer we get to November 17th the more overwhelmed I am in thanksgiving to God.  He is getting us through these fall chlly days that are so reminiscent of last fall and the trauma of hearing "stage four cancer."  Our God is ever-present and we trust him with our future.  He has proven to be so fatihful to us during the dark days and I feel sure He was smiling as David ran through the pumpkin patch today as a carefree eight-year old running to keep up with his buddy and big brother.  To God be the glory today and always.

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