Thursday, October 4, 2012

UVA News

We are home from a long day at UVA.  It just goes so much smoother when Mike goes.  He is truly my strength:)  (He will be horrified that I wrote that but it is the truth).

Today at first we met with David's kidney doctor, Dr. Barcia.  He has consulted with us since David's diagnosis so he is familiar with Rock Star.  Overall the good news is that David's solo kidney is functioning at 82%.  That is certainly not perfect or ideal, but for now in the short term it is okay with them.  They do not consider it "bad" until his functioning is below 60%.  So for the short term we are happy but as his body grows and demands more from his kidney we may have problems.  I really do not like the word "renal failure" by the way.  So for today we celebrate the 82% and let God handle the "what ifs" down the road. 

We are going to start him on some Vitamin E because in rats it has shown the ability to slow down renal failure.  Basically we will squeeze a capsule of 400 IUs of Vitamin E in his drink from now on. 

He met with us for a very long time and basically taught us a lot about the kidney.  Sadly all the treatment (chemo and radiation) has messed with some of David's filters in his remaining kidney.  His diet as of now is not restricted but it is critical to keep him well hydrated.  His teachers have done a great job keeping him drinking at school and his daily goal is 60 ounces.  The good news is that his Creatinine is down from .9 to .8 today!!  His BUN is still remaining at 30. 

For the next scan (November 30th) he will receive a bolus of fluid prior to the scan to hydrate him well to get the CT dye in and out quickly.  CT dye is not great for the kidney and considering how many scans he has had and will have the extra precaution is good to help minimize the side effects off the contrast dye.  We covet your prayers for a squeaky clean scan on November 30th.

Amazingly we do not have to return to clinic until November 30th!!  We will have to go to our local doctor the first of November for labs, but we can stay away until the next scan on 11/30. 

Being there with Mike today helped my spirits considerably.  David's kidney is not in the crisis range, so we will do what the experts tell us to do and then pray.  I have been so rattled the last few days because I have allowed these kidney indicators and the word relapse to be bigger than my God.  Our God is able! 

Thank you for all the texts, emails and messages today.  When we are sitting there waiting for the doctors or for results, love from home makes us smile.  We are so blessed to have such a strong community of love backing us. 

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