Thursday, May 28, 2009

David's Big Day!

Life with David is never boring! Today he had a super big day including Special Games Day (similar to Special Olympics) and his very first Tball game!!!! Special games is always fun to watch him play games and see his friends. It was hot and humid, but David did not seem to mind the heat:)

His Tball game was something I probably will not forget anytime soon. He was absolutely exhausted from Special Games and NO NAP, so we thought he might melt down during the Tball game. Nope-David loved it! He played catcher which was a blast because it put him near his "fan club" and he got two big hits. He got out both times at first, but he could have cared less. He ran back to the dugout waving and giving thumbs up to the crowd. It was precious and priceless:) I just had to share some pictures.

David and Caroline waiting to bowl.

David taking his turn bowling.

Parachute games are always a hit!

This is the picture that could make me bawl my eyes out. Watching Kyle take David under his wing and help him during the game was something else. I cannot express how proud I was of Kyle. Kyle has several buddies on the team and he could have totally let David fend for himself, but he was so proud of David and truly cheered him on and helped him. Sadly, Mike missed the first half of the game due to a meeting, so Kyle stepped in and helped his little brother. Kyle may drive us crazy around the house at times, but I could not have been more proud of both of my boys tonight:)

David's first big hit during the game. He swaggered out of the dugout waving to his fan club with that big batting helmet on and brought the house down. He hit it great, but he did get out running to first. He could have cared less:)

Big boy playing catcher. He loved working the crowd and playing catcher put him close to his fan club:)

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  1. Cheers and hugs from David's fan club in Kingsport! Those boys are going to be TERRIFIC big brothers!

    P. S. When are you going to let us know Miss Robinson's whole name?!