Saturday, May 16, 2009

Simply Devastated

The title just about sums up my righteousness this Saturday. This morning I went to take several pictures of the GORGEOUS quilt that my preschool class made for me to post on the blog, and I realized that my nice camera is having some technical issues. Here we are on the brink of adding a baby to our household and my camera is acting up???!!! My hormones cannot handle this much drama.

Anyway, I have awesome pictures to post on this blog but I cannot due to camera issues. I really wanted to share the PRECIOUS and oh so girly items that we got at the baby shower hosted by several friends. Really, you would not believe how darling and precious these things are. The food and fellowship was wonderful and any anxiety I had about being the center of attention floated away when I opened the first gift. These ladies showered baby Girl with some girly girl stuff and I am simply devastated (I really want to use a harsher word) that I cannot share some pictures:)

Lets just say, that Baby Girl came away from this shower with her own pink bible, luggage set (matching diaper and duffle bag, pacifier pod, and the most precious outfits you can imagine.

I also am simply devastated that David had his first Tball practice this morning and I have no pictures to share. He did well and had fun, but once again no pictures to document this milestone. Mike and Doug had the boys practice base running, and just picture his little legs running those bases!!!! It killed me:) I also stumbled upon Kyle helping him put his cleats on this morning and will forever treasure that memory in my head.

As for now, I have called the camera shop to check their store hours, but I am bedridden for now due to multiple and strong contractions that came this morning. I am in bed on my left side with enough water to float a boat by my side. They have slowed down, but you can imagine my frustration at not being able to get my camera to the shop right now.

This day could frustrate the snot out of me. I am a control freak by nature and there is enough to do around this house to keep an army busy for a day. Baby shower gifts are still out on display, dishes stacked in the sink, clean laundry ready to be put away, etc.., but today I am choosing to not push myself and let it all go. Graciously a neighbor called and offered a playdate for Kyle and then called back and offered to bring us dinner tonight.

I have such a hard time accepting help and why is that?? I guess it goes back to that Super Mommy complex where we feel like we are suppose to act like we have it all under control at all times. Well you know what? Today I have nothing under control-and I am okay admitting that. This week has been crazy. Mike was out of town Thursday night and sure enough David was up all hours with some congestion. I had to be at preschool Friday for the big picnic and David and I stumbled out of the house Friday morning on very little sleep. He made it at school until the teacher called at 1:30 stating that David had a fever. I left the picnic early and picked up my babies for a nap. The mowers then came to mow, but David was so excited to watch them that he never took a nap. Then, later in the evening Kyle had a baseball game and then a birthday party. I need to let this Super Mommy thing GO and be sensible. My children are not going to be irreversible damaged if they do not attend every birthday party in our sweet town. Even though I would have been sad to have missed Kyle's game since he hit two whopping hits, I should have stayed home to rest. Maybe one day I will learn to set limits and be more sensible.

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