Saturday, May 9, 2009

Oh What a Night

Friday night was a typical Friday night-Kyle had a baseball game and David stayed home and went swimming with some friends. We got home and Mike saw that we were under a tornado warning for our area. Frankly I blew it off, but within an hour we were scrambling around the house moving children downstairs and finding candles because we were in the midst of a bad storm. Our windows started shaking and rattling and we got pelted with hail. It was relatively short-lived, and within 30 minutes Mike and I were walking around the yard with flashlights in total disbelief. This storm/tornado took down major trees and lots of our neighbors had major damage as well. I think pictures will sum it up best.

Thankfully my parents were available to help with the cleanup process and it took all of us to get some normalcy back to our house:( The boys and I are blogging to you from my parents house because we have had no power since the storm. Any idea that I could be Amish was shot down today. I knew we had no power, but I kept turning on lights all day! We could not pressure-wash or anything like that due to no electricity. We were able to clean most of it with a hose and a broom. It will take us a long time to get back to normal, and our neighborhood looks so different with so many huge old trees down. Mike is staying in our house to hold the fort down:)

This is a big pine tree in our front/side yard that got the top sliced out of it.

Big big tree

Right after the storm Mike and I ventured outside and found this hail on our porch.

The tornado/storm came right across our yard and here is a picture of the damage from this angle of the house. Check out my Honda:( We just recently had the house pressure washed, uggh. I will truly not whine one iota, I promise, because as you can plainly see from this picture, the big, big trees that came down could have landed on a house or a car and thankfully it was all spared. Despite all the damage, no one's property or cars were damaged and we all feel that God took care of us in the neighborhood.

This is one of the other huge trees that just split in two.

GG and David posing with the big root!

60 Foot trees fell to the ground but somehow these little baby birds in their nest made it through the storm safe and sound. We found them today during cleanup and we were so amazed that they made it-their nest was in the path of the storm/tornado and somehow they survived:)

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  1. Oh my goodness! Glad to hear you are all safe and sound! What a time of year to be out of sorts. . . the end of school and all the activities that go with this time of year & you and baby girl. Take care!