Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just Catching Up

Whew-life is flying past so fast right now that I am spending the day today playing catch up after the wildness of the past week or so. I went to the doctor this morning and little Baby Girl is cooking along quite beautifully. Despite lots of contractions I am not dilated as of this morning which is a good thing. In a few weeks I will be dying to be dilated but it is still a little early for her arrival. The doctor did inform me that there is NOTHING he can do to ease the pain where she is sitting on my Siatic nerve. (I know I blew the spelling way off on that one, but you know what I mean:) I am a preschool teacher/Mommmy not MD:) So if you see me hobbling around and rubbing my bottom just forgive me:)

Tomorrow a couple of friends are hosting a luncheon/baby shower for Baby Girl. It should be fun to get together with a dozen or so girlfriends for a girly lunch to honor the arrival of Princess. I hate being the center of attention in situations like this, but my friend Lynn swears it will be painless and pink:) Plus, they are totally serving my favorite quiche in the whole world:)

Here is the exciting news.... David has his first tball practice this Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Mike and a friend, Doug, are coaching a tball team this summer for boys ages 5, 6, and 7. Kyle still makes the cut to play since he is still 7, so both of my boys will be out there with Daddy as co-coach. I am so excited to watch David suit up and practice I can hardly stand it. We have had to hide his cleats and tball pants because he will go missing and come down in them from his room. Don't worry, I will post their schedule on the blog so David's fans can catch him in action. It is really hard, though, because we are all so excited about this opportunity for David that we do not want Kyle to feel that his participation is slighted. Lord knows Kyle gets to do EVERYTHING under the sun (hence my gray hair and ragged appearance from taking him everywhere!)

I know that as David gets older that he MAY not always have the same opportunities as Kyle so while we can, we want him to participate in as much as he can. I literally could weep thinking about him dressed in his little pants and cleats so excited to get to be on the team! It goes without saying that I will post 10 million pics...:)

I am so excited right now also because I just got four new Francine Rivers books to read:) I love a good trip to the library. Lastly our neighborhood sounds like a chorus of chainsaws as the damage from the storm is still being cleaned up. It has amazed me to watch these tree people working systematically to chunk up these huge trees.

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