Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Uniforms and a shower of pink

This picture melts my heart. Monday night Mike took Kyle and David to the rec department for uniform night. David was SO EXCITED about his new uniform that he insisted to wear it the remainder of the evening. He even wore it through his Mother's gourmet dinner of pancakes. He is so excited to be on the team! I do not have a schedule yet, but I will post it when we get it:)

(Yes, I did serve my children pancakes for dinner because I do not have any food in the house and I have not mustered the energy to go to the grocery store).

Today was exciting because I spent some time getting beautiful. I got my hair done and then a pedicure. The girls working on me knew that I had a baby shower later in the day. As one was finishing my hair, she said "you look so pretty now all you need to do is get dressed for the party and put some makeup on." How sweet of her EXCEPT I already had my makeup on!!!!!! I had reapplied it so carefully only hours before at the red light on the way to taking the kids to school. I have been so strapped for time lately that my makeup bag has stayed in the car and I apply it on the way in the morning!! Maybe I should rethink this time-saving measure and truly apply it under my vanity lights in the bathroom:)

Later in the day Mike's office hosted a baby shower for us. Mike at first was horrified that his coworkers insisted to do this for us, but finally he relented. Mike works with super nice people and they truly showered us with some pink stuff. Mike and Kyle stayed for a portion of the party and then had to scoot out to a baseball game. His coworkers put out a spread of wonderful food and I really enjoyed myself. You know they are wonderful friends when we all laughed when Mike actually left the party and we joked that now the real party can begin. Mike's coworkers have always been kind to our family and I remember even when we first moved here they were so welcoming and kind. I am glad that he spends his days with sweet people like that. Mike can be ummm, a little intense, and this group of people balance him out nicely:)

I went to the doctor today and no, I am NOT dilated any. WHATEVER. My doctor was so sweet and kind, and just reassured me that this is the hard stretch and to hang in there. He encouraged me to walk to help lower her head and get things moving. He moved the date up and if I have not had her, he will induce me on June 22nd. I was surprised that he offered this because he is wonderful, but he does not have a reputation for intervening often. In a way I am so ready to hold baby girl, but on the other hand the "to do" list is a mile long still to get ready.

Thankfully the boys are out at ballgame tonight and therefore I am off the hook for dinner once again tonight!! Thank goodness, because the Bisquick is all gone:)

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  1. I love reading your posts. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you had baby girl on June 15th, Casey's birthday. Your first baby girl. She still says that Love Can Build a Bridge is your and her song. I love you Laura! You are such an awesome, wonderful, person, friend, family, etc. You are truly amazing to me. Donna