Thursday, May 7, 2009


I believe I tweeted a week or so ago about my new obsession with author, Francine Rivers. She deserves her own post sometime about what an amazing author she is, but today I will not digress!!!:)

I recently read her novella about Mary, Jesus' mother. I was consumed with this book and could not put it down! It is a biblically correct version of Mary's life as Jesus' mother. It made her story so much more alive to me than any bible study or sermon ever has. Do you know how hard it must have been to have watched your son crucify on a cross when you as his mother knew he was The Messiah?! I can barely handle my son getting a scratch on him without losing it, and she watched at the foot of the cross as her son was beaten, nailed on a cross, and died?!

I feel that my timing on reading that book was a perfect prelude to Mother's Day this year. I would like for it to be all about me (you know since I am very pregnant and a tad whiny these days) but I think God wanted to remind me about a very important mother this year at Mother's Day-Mary.

Mary was every bit as human as the moms that I know in carpool, but was given the honor to birth and raise the Messiah! Sometimes we celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas and do not think much about all those years that she and Joseph raised him with their other brood of children, knowing he was the Messiah, but waiting for the time to come for Him to reign. What an amazing story that only God could weave together.

The above video is called Mary and is so awesome-it also highlights and honors mothers all around the world. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Mother's Day is so hard sometimes because I have always enjoyed the attention that my boys have showered upon me, but I also know deep in my heart that there are woman out there that are desperate to get to be a Mommy.

You see, Mike and I were told about 9 years ago that we would have difficulty conceiving a baby on our own. I remember that pit of disappointment and yes, bitterness in my stomach even today. I never take motherhood lightly because I know how close I was to not getting to join the Mommy club and my heart is tendered to couples that desperately want to conceive. The irony is not lost on us that we are just weeks away from having a third blessing added to our life, when as newlyweds we thought parenting would be a difficult and expensive process for us. Once again, God cares about the big and small details of our life and we owe Him the glory for this:)

I will post a Francine Rivers post soon as I gobble up more of her books. She started as a secular author and then a neighborhood boy invited her and her husband to church one day and God has been the author of her life ever since. Check her out! You will never be bored studying a character in the bible from her books:)

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