Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Salute to Motherhood

I am dragging today. Really, I am so tired and feeling a little maxed out. Baby Girl and I are fine, it is just this time of year. Every Mom I know feels this pinch of too much to do with very precious time to finish it. School backpacks are overflowing with last minute project assignments, field trip request forms, and other stuff that deserves a moment of thought. Then add spring sports schedules, and other evening activities and it could send a Mom right over the edge.

I lamented to my boys this morning that I am so ready to spend the summer with them and Kyle piped up and said "yeah, Mom you are just ready not to yell at us to get our teeth brushed in the morning!"

To celebrate the pinch we all feel this time of year and to start the celebration of Mother's Day a little early, I felt compelled to post this HILARIOUS little video. I think it will resonate with us all as we run this gauntlet called motherhood:) Enjoy-I laughed myself silly.

p.s. I laughed so hard when she sang about your father's DNA:)

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