Monday, May 25, 2009

Fun Weekend

I cannot believe this long weekend is over already. We have truly had a great time staying close to home and getting stuff DONE:) Sunday night I had some major contractions which kicked us into baby mode fast. The boys (all 3) helped raise the crib up which made her nursery start looking like a newborn nursery again. I finally unpacked all the baby shower gifts and got them all organized, washed, and ready. Her closet is overflowing already:)

I cannot sum up this weekend in a whole post, so I can going to share some highlights as one of the last weekends as a family of four.

1) Having dinner with another family Friday night and watching Kyle totally take in their newborn baby. This pregnancy has been a long haul for us all, and Kyle has remained as excited about this baby as he was the first night we told him. We ate at a great local restaurant and enjoyed the playground afterwards.

2) Watching David suit up for Tball practice a good three hours before it started.

3) Having friends over for a leisurely waterslide playdate. Sometime in the craziness of life, playdates fall to the wayside as we scramble around to activities and other obligations.

4) Totally enjoying the new CD that my brother burned for Baby Girl. I had a huge stack of thank you notes to write this weekend, and it was actually relaxing to listen to that CD and write away. (Yes, I am all caught up at this point!)

5) Sunday afternoon we went for a family drive in the country. I know it sounds kind of old-fashioned, but we had a ball. David insisted that his window be down and we rode to a part of our county I had never been to. We had good music on and we ended it with a trip to Sonic for ice cream before heading to the Drive-In to see Night at the Museum 2. Mike and I had a moment when we realized that Kyle is definitely growing up when he rolled his eyes about going for a drive and then listened to his MP3 player for most of the trip.

6) Spending most of the movie walking the parking lot and sitting in the car timing contractions. I missed most of the movie, but that was fine because I did not see the first of the sequel and I was a tad lost in the movie. Kyle loved it and it had a great history lesson:)

7) Watching Mike bust his elbows to get this house organized and ready. I joked with him today that he is in major nesting mode more so than I am. He even organized my jewelry box with all my nice jewelry. I am too tired to nest and frankly have not felt that instinct lately:) Mike cleaned both cars inside and out and even changed some filter in the car that I have no clue about.

8) Spending Memorial Day watching the coolest parade in the morning and watching Kyle play baseball this evening. Our town puts on a great Memorial Day parade and we insist to take the kids every year. Even though baseball is not my favorite sport to spectate, there is nothing more American that listening to the National Anthem being played at a Little League game:) Kyle hit the ball twice tonight which hopefully will end his mid-season slump!!!!

Hope you had a great weekend, I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and a trip to the dentist. So much for extending my holiday weekend by another day:(

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