Monday, May 4, 2009

It's Back! Not Me! Monday

MckMama on her blog has taken a 6 week hiatus from Not Me Monday due to a serious hospitalization for her youngest bambino. Good news is that her youngest is home and doing well, so Not Me Monday is back in the saddle.

Let me refresh your Not Me Monday memories! This is the opportunity to tell on yourself with brutal honestly and then simply wash it all away by saying that it was not you! Being honest is good for the soul and then allowing the blog world to share it with you is even more therapeutic! Here goes:

I am definitely NOT relishing in the fact that every light in my house is on right now! My tree hugger husband is away for the evening and will not come behind me turning off every darn blasted light:)

I definitely did not choose to leave the bed unmade this morning because I knew I would jump right back in it after preschool:)

I definitely did not get my picture taken for the local paper in an 8 year-old maternity shirt from Sears!! Just because I am super pregnant does not mean that I should not care about my appearance:)

I definitely did not make a chocolate cake yesterday because it was my favorite and then blame it on nesting. (I will publish the recipe in a later blog post because frankly it is too good to keep a secret!)

I definitely did not lose my temper with my sweet grandmother who continually calls my cell phone thinking it is my home number. She gets so aggravated that I do not call her back but that is because she is calling the wrong number!!!! I even had her write the correct number down and during preschool this morning my phone rang and guess who it was-my grandmother!!!!

Oh, I feel so much better!! Confession is good for the soul. Go ahead, confess your Not Me Mondays and lets all feel better!!!!:)


  1. Hi there...your blog title caught my eye on MckMama's blog. I'm a boy mama too...ain't it grand? Cute post!

  2. ha! I didn't make my bed today either.. don't tell anyone! :)