Friday, May 1, 2009

Wild Ride

The term "wild ride" can easily sum up our month of May. Our calendar is full of evening meetings and out of town trips for Mike-his job is definitely in high gear this time of year. Kyle's baseball and swimming schedule is full but tons of fun for us as a family, we are going through the IEP and triennial process for David now which equates out to lots of meetings to get David a solid plan for next year, and I am desperately trying to finish preschool having all my lessons plans checked off before the end of the year.

Some mornings I just want to bury my head when Mike sweetly wakes me up every morning. I am officially to that stage of this pregnancy when I am feeling Baby Girl's every move and quite frankly I feel very pregnant. I am still having contractions pretty much daily BUT thankfully they are not worrisome to my doctor.

Despite the wild ride this next month possibly could be, I am trying so hard to relish every movement Baby Girl makes instead of complaining how often I am in the bathroom! I am trying so hard to relish this time as a family of four before we become an even busier family of five. Even though I feel super pregnant and really uncomfortable I know that this time will also slip away quickly. I never want to forget the amazing feeling of having a baby tenderly roll in your womb.

I went and visited my friend Samantha's newest addition, Baby B and could barely give him back after I held him for a long time. If he had not needed his Mommy for eating time, who knows how long I would have sat there and held him. There is nothing like a newborn baby...

Please think of Kyle today and say a prayer for him. Today is his first field trip without a parent and he is nervous. As you all know Kyle is my Momma's boy and events like this stress him out. He is excited to go to the see the move Earth with his class, but he would be much happier if I was loading the bus with him this morning:) With so few days left of preschool I feel that I cannot miss to go with him and Mike has a Swine Flu meeting or something! Have a great day:)

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