Saturday, May 23, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Babes

I love that Kyle helps us keep it real here in our household. Last night we went to dinner with another family that happens to have a newborn baby. I was shocked that Kyle watched Baby B's every move and was truly enamored with him. Finally at the end of the evening, he sweetly asked if he could hold Baby B! He might just be a my little helper with Baby Girl!! We also might have a little problem that we may fight over holding her also! Kyle only relented and gave him up because he started fussing.

Anyway, during dinner, Baby B's Mommy picked him up to comfort him and Kyle noticed how much hair he has. He really does have dark beautiful hair. Kyle asked if Baby Girl would have that much hair. I replied that I hope so due to my hairbow fetish, but that will be a surprise when she is born. Baby B's Mommy then went on to explain to Kyle that he is starting to lose some of his hair especially in the back where he lays down, but it will grow back. Kyle then said, "oh, so all that hair that Daddy is losing in that same spot will grow back too!" Baby B's Mommy and I laughed hysterically but did not have the heart to tell Mike why we were rolling so hard in a restaurant!!!!:) Thank Kyle for a little comic relief on a Friday night and no, Daddy's hair will not grow back without a little Rogaine intervention!

Just for you locals, we went to a local restaurant out next to our lake and it was wonderful! It was opening weekend for the park and we had a great meal in a very family friendly environment:) Loved the potato soup-wish I had some leftovers this morning!

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  1. Your boys are going to have so much fun with a baby sister! What a blessing Baby Girl has being born into your family full of love!!!! My boys are so excited. We are watching the countdown on your blog. We are hoping to come see you all this summer. Of course when you are all settled in with Baby Girl and feel like company - we are talking 3 more Robinson boys so you may not ever feel like our arrival :-)Sorry it had to be at Michael's expense but we got a good laugh out of Kyle's comment. You gotta love the thought process of a child! Have a great weekend. Love Ya'll!!!!!