Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

After the craziness of this past weekend, my nerves are a tad gone and my body is tired from all the manual labor we have done to clean up the mess from the storm. Overall we had a great Mother's Day weekend, and yesterday it was wonderful to go to my grandparents lake house and get away from the "rubberneckers" (more on this to come-basically we live in a tiny cul-de-sac with four other houses and we are not used to people driving by. But evidently the whole town drove by yesterday while we were gone to the lake:)

But, on to the important issues at hand-Not Me! Monday! I guess truly with my overactive hormones, this list could be a mile long, but I will keep it short and sweet:)

I did NOT laugh hysterically at my husband over his purchase of a chain saw yesterday. Mike took this storm as an opportunity to make this manly purchase and I truly had no idea what a rite of passage it really was:) Hallmark should definitely branch out and make a card for the occasion:) Seriously-Dr. Mike was pumped about all the cutting and stuff that he was doing.

I did NOT yell at a neighbor's dog to "hush up "rite" now" from my bedroom window This tiny little yappy dog is fenced in outside our bedroom window. In the afternoons I enjoy a little quiet reading time after preschool. On Friday, I drifted off to sleep and was woken up by this obnoxious dog (who has sweet wonderful owners). Just also know that I know how to spell the word right, I just wanted you to get a flavor for how I yelled it out my window in my sleepy stupor:)

I did NOT allow a preschooler to take his shoes off because I was tired of tying the same pair of shoes 6 million times in one hour. I would never slack on a necessary preschool teachable moment for this little boy and neglect to teach him how to tie his shoes:)

I did NOT wear my school visitor badge into Walmart and various other errands to cover a pizza stain on my shirt. Better to let the town think that I am a super volunteer versus just a messy eater:)

I did NOT with two other little league moms get into a verbal "discussion" with another coach on the baseball field over the "rules" of the game during the game.

I did NOT glare at a rubbernecker that drove by the house yesterday. I know that our little neighborhood was hit super hard and it is interesting to see 60 foot trees down, but come on-leave us alone! My kids are not used to navigating cars and they thought everyone coming by yesterday was a friend and ran towards the cars! We had several friends stop by early Saturday morning which my kids thought was fun, but by last night there were only "rubberneckers" and I was tired and just wanted to sit in my chair outside and blog-I resented having to put aside my super serious blogging to chat with random people about the damage.

Whew-that was great therapy for this Monday. Do you have anything you need to get off of your chest??? Have a great Monday!

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