Wednesday, July 8, 2009


We are in the midst of an All Star Tournament. Kyle was excited to learn after regular season that he made the All Star team for our town. He is one of the youngest kids on the team. We have had many practices to get ready for this tournament in Bristol. The first game we lost, but last night we won! We continue play on Friday night and on into the weekend if we keep winning. I act pretty nonchalant about the whole thing until the National Anthem and then I get REALLY nervous. I hold my breath when Kyle comes up to bat and I pray hard!! I was so excited that Mike was not coaching All Stars so we could sit together, but it has really turned out that we sit together very little. I end up pacing with Hope and Mike and David sit pretty still. We have a great group of kids on the team and supportive parents. It is fun family time even if I feel like I am going to throw up during most of the game!! I love the picture above of all 3 kiddos in red to support the team-even Hope had red to wear:)


  1. Congratulations Kyle! You're family in Shreveport is so proud of you. Congratulations on your win :) I love the picture of all of you in red and your action shots. Keep us posted on your games. Christopher starts his world series play next week and Andrew starts his state tournament on Wed. We need someone to photoshop all our Robinson children into one "all-star" picture! Have Fun!!!

  2. Way to go, Kyle! Go Marion Allstars!!