Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Big Weekend

This weekend was super busy and full of special events for us. Sunday morning we had Hope baptized. Mike's Mom got to be here for that event as well as my grandparents and parents. She was pretty good during the service but she did not care for all that water sprinkled over her.

After the baptism, we then hosted a birthday party for David here at the house with some kindergarten friends! We scaled back David's party this year due to the craziness in our lives. As I am writing this, there is banging ringing in my ears as the contractors are here trying to get our house back together plus the added craziness of a newborn. It is so hard to be under construction with small children home for the summer:) Anyway, the party was a blast and the birthday boy had fun! Below are some pics of all the fun! The picture above is when David is waiting on the porch for his friends to arrive! How adorable...

David's friend Ally getting her face painted. Ashley did some face painting for the party and it was a HUGE hit!

David blowing out his number 5 candle! Where has the time gone?

This is David's friend Hailey from school. David talks about Hailey everyday of his life and we just pray that they are in kindergarten together! She broke our hearts when she cried when the party was over:)

I adore this picture of Will and David. They were both painted up by Ashley and giving big love!

The waterslide was a hit even if the weather was a big chilly for the party.

My parents loving on Hope during the party.

Mike, his Mom Cathy and the kids after church. We have enjoyed her visit here so much. She lives in Texas and runs two businesses there so she is not able to come here that often.

Our family of five!
My grandparents with sweet Hope
My Mom got this great picture of Hope during her baptism:)

The kitchen work should be done soon which will be such a blessing for us. We will enjoy the new floors, but it has been a challenge. Mike's Mom flies out tomorrow to head back to Texas, but out week will still be busy as Kyle is taking part in the Missoula Children's theatre's production of Robinson Crusoe!! He auditioned and got a part as a chameleon in the play!! They practice all week with performances happening this weekend!


  1. Precious pictures and such important pictures for your family! Lots going on in your life and you look so rested and pretty :) Thanks for sharing the pictures. Miss you all so much!!!!!

  2. Those pictures are all great! I absolutely adore the one of Hope being baptized. She is so beautiful! Thanks for having our children to the party. They had a wonderful time!


    btw...Isn't getting a picture of a family of 5 impossible?!

  3. It was such a wonderful "unplanned" thing to get to see you all yesterday~ the pictures ARE great, but everybody looks even better in person! David is even more adorable, Hope is even more beautiful, and I agree with "In the Zone"~ you look so amazingly terrific (especially with all that's going on!) That picture of David on the front porch is just too much...he just steals my heart!