Friday, July 10, 2009


Over the last day or so we have started to pull out what infant toys we still have for Hope to enjoy. The boys LOVE having all this new stuff out and that Hope is happy playing on a blanket in the floor. I love the picture of her looking in the mirror! I stepped out of the room while Kyle was playing with her and I heard him say "now you can see yourself what a pretty baby you are!" My heart melted....

This picture confirms my thoughts that Hope is going to be a blonde and that she looks exactly like Kyle did as an infant. She truly reminds me of Kyle:)

Kyle is such a great big brother and he loves to hold her. We are still not comfortable with Kyle carrying her around the house yet, but he is getting braver about picking her head up and talking to her.

Hope checking her self out in the mirror!


  1. checking herself out, just like her momma....goodness, wish I had a dollar for every time I was late to school because of your hair.....


  2. ...such a sweet blessing! I know that you are going to love seeing the "loving baby girl softy side" of all three of your boys! You have someone to "primp" with, now, too:)