Thursday, July 2, 2009

Little Beady Bird

We have received so many precious gifts, wonderful food, and special visits since Hope's birth. The other day I arrived home to find the sweetest little gift for Hope. My friend in Tennessee, Tracy, is a jewelry designer in addition to being a Mommy, wife, educator, and many other roles that she handles gracefully. She designs childrens jewelry inspired by nature and childrens books. She also does amazing photo jewelry that I am salivating over. Here is her jewelry website and check out all the amazing things she is making these days. I cannot wait to order Hope some more Little Beady Bird jewelry-it is beautiful!

Here are some precious pictures of Hope modeling her new bracelet. She has not been very fussy with reflux today and I know it is because she knows she is wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry!:)

Here is a picture of the bracelet. It is beautiful and it spells out her name!

Sleeping beauty:)

Hope modeling her new bracelet.

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