Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

July 4th this year was a tad chilly, but we had a good time at my grandparents' lake house. It took us a while to get up there since we had been out past midnight the night before at Kyle's All Star Tournament in Bristol. Unfortunately our team lost the first round, but we play again later this week.

My boys had fun with their cousin Clayton, and Hope despite some reflux spit up enjoy being snuggled by the family. The highlight of the entire day was watching my 80 year old grandfather catch a 15 pound Blue Cat fish! The boys watched in awe as he caught it and then later as my Dad filleted the fish. (I might have nightmares over watching that process for many months to come, but the boys loved it!) I am not a huge animal rights person, but that process REALLY bothered me.

I will sum up the rest of our holiday with pictures!

My grandmother with Clayton and David on the boat. We took a boat ride while the sun was out since it was so chilly. David adores riding on that boat and he talked Uncle Chad into taking him on a ride:)

Uncle Chad with his co-pilots on the boat:) We got so tickled at Clayton's oversized sunglasses and his 1970's life jacket. We just grabbed the jackets and it wasn't until we were on the boat that Chad and I both realized that we wore that same jacket as a child:)

Since the family was together we had a little birthday party for David after dinner since his birthday is July 5th! His friend party is later to come when Mike's Mom comes in 2 weeks to visit us. We thought it would be fun to save the party for her visit so she can be part of the party!
This fish is impressive! My grandfather caught this right from his dock. It took about 10 minutes for him to bring him in, and we all cheered him on!!:) The boys were cheering for him and really it wore him out to bring this big fish in.

I was using the back of the golf cart to change Hope's clothes and she looked so sweet laying on her white blanket, that I just had to snap a picture:) It was so chilly that she wore many outfits yesterday!

Here is Hope in her 4th of July outfit and I actually caught her smiling!

Kyle and neighbor, Peyton tubing on the big tube. These boys had a ball out there and the chilly water temperature did not seem to bother them one bit!


  1. A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DAVID from the Campbells!!!!! Precious pictures!

  2. Beautiful photos and Beautiful music! One of my all-time favorites is IT IS WELL and this is a beautiful version on you playlist.