Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How We are REALLY Doing

As life flies by in one fat blur, many people each day will ask me how we are doing. Usually I smile and say that we are doing great and that we are enjoying sweet Hope and having the boys home for the summer. Last night during a quick trip to Wendy's with all three children, my parents, and Ashely, I may not have answered so sweetly and positively. Hope screamed during dinner and then David had a slight ice cream meltdown:) It was one of those harried moments as a Mom that often makes you wonder why you even go out in public!!

But this morning as I was nursing Hope I really thought about how life has changed since Hope's arrival 23 days ago:) (Kyle is our math dude that keeps count for us!) Anyway, yes life is a bit more hectic and Pentagon style planning goes into even little trips to Walmart, but there have been so many amazing moments that make all that other stuff go away.

It is amazing to watch Kyle step up and be an AMAZING big brother to both Hope and David. Kyle can break out into Jesus Loves Me and Hope quiets immediately. Kyle can have a whiny streak to him and to see him put that away when Hope is upset is awesome. I love to hear his sweet voice talk to her:) He goes off the deep end when she cries despite our constant reminders that all babies cry and that we are coming!

David has grown right before our eyes this summer. He is oh so independent these days and his speech is getting clearer each day. He loves being a big 5 year old and we are all seeing his personality come through. He loves Hope and mimics me a lot with her. He brings me burp clothes to burp him and is fascinated about breast feeding. He has several times started to suck my arm and when I asked him what Mommy was feeding him he will reply "a hamburger!"

Most days I feel like life is a big juggling act, but I love every minute of having a newborn in the house. I am getting decent sleep for a newborn, but I am pitifully behind in thank you notes. I am so touched and overwhelmed with all the amazing and thoughtful gifts, food, baby jewelry, fun outings for the big boys from generous friends, but I know my thank you note will not properly convey my thankfulness. One of my cousins in NC, Katie, sent me awesome books that were girly! She knew we probably had tons of trucks and sport books, so she sent some girly books. That is thoughtful:) One of Mike's aunts and nieces in Arkansas sent us letters to spell out Hope's name in her nursery. I had desperately wanted letters for her name, but I just have not found the letters I wanted and these were perfect!! The Davidson's bought all three of my children UVA clothing while they were visiting Cville and thought of us. We have received gifts from my parents church where I have not regularly gone since college. I am just overwhelmed with people's generosity.

We are still worried about Hope's reflux which means that my diet is pretty restricted since I am nursing. She spits up often due to the reflux but she is continuing to put on weight which is good. She sleeps in her car seat due to the reflux. She is still in newborn clothing, but I can tell that she is filling out some.

We are off to an All Star game again tonight. Between All Star practice, Tball games, and all Star games we have been at the ballfield every night this week. We also have a swim meet this weekend at Virginia Tech. I love watching my boys play ball and watching Kyle swim. I guess the next two decades of my life will be spent shuffling children and cheering them on their endeavors. This pace of life is crazy and exhausting, but I would not trade it for anything. Whether we are going to All Stars or to a swim meet we are together and there are such great life lessons tucked in to all these experiences.

So, if you see me out in public with spit up all over me, bags under my eyes, and at least one of my children screaming or whining just know that we are doing okay and that I really would not trade this time in our life for anything.

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  1. Oh My how the car seat sleeping takes me back a few years. Brady had to sleep like that so long his head got a little flat spot, which drove me to tears! Luckily Drs. Rachel & Amy kept me calm and assured me that his head would be fine! I was a basket case with one child - so you absolutely have my complete admiration for keeping it together with three!