Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hope 1 Month

I cannot believe one month ago today Hope came into our lives officially! In a way it still seems like we are adjusting to the newness of her, but then in other ways I cannot remember life without her. I really LOVE these decals that I received at a baby shower to help you to take pictures of your baby each month! (Please help me to remember to do them each month on the 15th)! There is a decal for each month and you simply stick it to a onesie:) I love this idea so much and I have been looking forward all day to doing Hope's photo shoot for the month:) I did this while David was sitting on the potty, so time was of the essence today!

Hope is such a joy despite the uncomfortableness she feels due to the reflux. At her weight check two days ago she weighed 8 pounds, 12 ounces!!! I love a girl with a good appetite! She nurses all the time and loves to be held or carried in the sling. Our current nickname for her is Hopester or Pretty Girl. She is handling this crazy summer pace of our family well and has finally decided that the car seat maybe is not that bad after all.

I am working on another post trying to share the current status of our family life including kitchen demolition pictures and such. I know I will look back on this time of our life as a blur. I took all 3 kids to the lake yesterday because we had to be gone all day for the contractors that never showed up. This process takes much patience, but it will all be worth it when it is complete. Mike is going tonight to pick up his Mom from the airport for a week long visit. I know her week will pass quickly as we prepare for David's party, hit the festival at the lake, and have Hope baptized on Sunday.

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