Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jesus Calling

I know on this blog I have shared with you our love for 33 Miles. We have loved the song Jesus Calling since we got the CD for Christmas. Recently however this song has spoken volumes to me and is my new favorite song for the moment. I love the video (click above) because it shares the words which are so perfect for this time in our life right now.

Currently in our life we have a huge remodel going on in our home which means that I have to be up and ready early each morning before the guys get here to start work-not exactly fun with a new baby in the house! Our house is literally torn up and piled up which is a feeling that I can only handle for so long before I go nuts! I have no control over this which is really hard especially since we have had Mike's mother visit with us for over a week. We have had to eat out a bunch, but thankfully she rolled with it well. It was hard for this control freak momma not to have the house spotless for her visit.

We also have some unexpected health concerns going on in my extended family. I will share more details as I can, but please pray for our family while we wait on some test results that we are desperate to receive. I am trying to have faith and not worry, but it is difficult with all these hormones raging through my body.

We are still having major reflux issues with Hope which means that there are times throughout the day where she is really fussy and needs lots of love. She is sleeping great at night, but after she eats she is really fussy. I see the pediatrician later today, so maybe there are some additional ideas she may have to help with this reflux.

But, as the song talks about, there maybe times that you think the sky is falling, but Jesus is still calling to us during these times. I SO need to hear that right now because I feel like life is out of control. I love the line where it says that the darker the night the lighter He can shine! That is so true in our life right now where we are so blessed and can count them one by one, but there are also big challenges right now. We are so blessed-as I am writing this, Hope is tucked peacefully and happily in the sling and I can hear her sweet sleeping noises. Kyle is helping David with a new tool belt he got for his birthday. Mike is at work in a job we are so thankful for and I am home with my kiddos. Sometimes in life we can get overwhelmed when we have big "storms" BUT that is the time when we count our blessings and remember that Jesus is always calling us and in the darkness is when He can shine:) Enjoy the song, it rocks!

p.s. 33 Miles is playing nearby in Roanoke on the 30th of July. We are trying hard to get to go!!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your life with all of us on your blog! You are not alone in life's storms. The song that helps you was exactly what I needed today. I like to have self pity parties even when I know I shouldn't. I am very blessed in so many ways. Your Shreveport family is lifting you and your extended family in prayer! I am stalking your blog everyday to hear about your day. Thanks for being so real when you write. Keep us posted on the tests!