Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sweet smile

I can tell that Hope has been working so hard on smiling and Mike and I have had a little friendly debate on who Hope would smile first for. Today I got a smile out of her!!!! Amazingly the camera was nearby and I got the above pictures! I know that Hope is smiling because we just checked our latest Etsy purchases and they are on the way! (You remember the baby bling hairbow right? It is being shipped right now!) On Mike's behalf I will remind you that I spend all day long with Hope while he is working so I definitely have the time advantage over him on the smiling contest.

We are having a home day today because it is raining. Yesterday we hit the movies to see Hotel for Dogs. It was a great movie and both boys enjoyed it. Kyle has a swim team party later tonight that he is excited about. I have to make a dessert for the party and I am taking Sopapilla Cheesecake. Mike's Mom told me about the recipe and I made it last night for us for practice before I take it to a function tonight. It was heavenly and I will post the recipe tomorrow with party pictures. It was such an easy dessert and it made the whole house smell cinnamony and wonderful. I am really into cooking right now-having no kitchen and being forced to eat out will do that for you. I have spent lots of time online looking up family friendly dishes for us to try. I love to make healthy family meals that everyone will eat:)

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