Friday, July 17, 2009

State of Affairs

Wow-life can come at you fast and you can choose how to react! This week we have had our plates full with our kitchen in demolition phase (see above picture) as we are enjoying Mike's mother's visit from Texas. We are also planning a birthday party where we have already had to change the date due to the weather forecast. I have to admit that in my current hormonal state I am rolling with all this pretty well except for a few things:

1) Yesterday I turned to online retail therapy while nursing and ended up ordering a hairbow collection from Etsy. I did not realize until I received the receipt via email that one of the hairbows I ordered was called "Baby Blitz and Bling!" Oh my... I cannot wait to see Hope modeling the bling!

2) I talked to the contractor yesterday with spitup on one shoulder and breastmilk stains on the other side. Oh well...thankfully he is a friend of our family and they are in our Down Syndrome group. I was horrified temporarily and then decided to laugh it off:)

3) David's party had to be moved due to the weather forecast and considering I am a little OCD about my children's parties, I never freaked one moment!!

4) Lets just say that I have been a tad liberal with the bathing rules for my children this week!:)

Times in your life when you feel out of control is hard for this control freak Momma. We are at the mercy of our contractors and insurance adjusters. During the demolition phase, they realized that additional work needed to be done and thankfully our insurance adjuster agreed with the contractors. I know that this will all be worth it when we are enjoying our new floors, but it has put a pinch in our family life. I have a new favorite song that I will be posting soon when I can find it! Have a great weekend and stay tuned for more remodeling pictures:)

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