Saturday, July 25, 2009


There has been a touch of Hollywood around our house this past week. It all started last Monday morning when Kyle auditioned for and got a part as a chameleon in the play Robinson Crusoe. There is a children's theatre that comes to town once a year called The Missoula Children's Theatre where local children put on a play in one week. He has practiced all week and today was the big performance! It was awesome -- Mike and I even stayed around to watch the second performance. The children did a wonderful job, and Kyle was exhausted but pumped up after both performances.

I also received word that my dear friend Tracy from Tennessee who made Hope a beautiful bracelet has named that bracelet after Hope and Hope's beautiful picture is on Tracy's jewelry blog! Click on Little Beady Bird jewelry on the right side of my blog and you will see sweet Hope and read about the Hope bracelet. You really must see how pretty Hope looks on someone else's blog! Kyle is so amazed about the Hope bracelet and has made me click on Tracy's jewelry blog several times to see her! (okay, here is my plug for Tracy's jewelry) You must go to her jewelry blog and see what she is making these days. She is making me a photo jewelry piece that I cannot wait to see. She does awesome work and is such a joy to work with. She will make your jewelry perfect for you or the little girl in your life!)

Also, today we opened the local paper and guess who was on the front of the sports section? David playing T-ball! We have loved every minute of watching him play T-ball this season and to see his picture in the paper is so special.

Also, if you remember my grandfather caught this huge catfish on July 4th. My Mom gave me the idea to submit the picture to the Roanoke Times for the fishing report. Well, guess my email was persuasive enough and the fish impressive enough to land him in the Thursday fishing report! We did not tell him that we were submitting the picture, so imagine his surprise when he opened the paper and saw his picture there!!

Next week will truly be boring as we all return to a much more normal life and our touch of Hollywood is gone. Real life still means a torn up kitchen and dust everywhere. I know this too shall pass, but it is driving me crazy!! Off to bed-it is so exhausting have children that are so famous-ha!

Kyle is in the middle of his fellow chameleons!

During the finale.

I love that face sticking out of that chameleon costume:)

The entire cast during the grand finale.

David's big debut in the local paper. He was so excited to see his picture in the paper:)

My grandfather's big catch that landed him in the Roanoke Times!

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