Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Catching My Breath

After the craziness of last weekend that included the zoo with Kyle, the Tech game, and then the amazing Down Syndrome Buddy Walk, I am trying to catch my breath! I love fall but it is definitely busy!

I use this blog for lots of reason-to raise awareness of Down Syndrome, share my faith, keep long distance relatives hooked up with pictures of my ever-changing and growing babes and for a creative outlet for me to write and share pictures.
Well, today I am simply blogging to share some cute pictures and to journal the little stuff in our family that I do not want to forget. Above, Hope is sporting her Louisiana Tech cheerleader outfit that her Daddy purchased for her. He was so happy when she wore that and had her hair in piggy tails. Her hair is officially long enough for those now, and he is a sucker for some curly piggy tails:) I have a cool situation with one of my dear friends where we trade off children so that we can volunteer for our school-aged children in their classrooms. I keep Parker and Brady on Tuesday and Hope goes to their house on Wednesdays. I am so thankful that I do not have to hire a babysitter to go volunteer and Hope gets to see her friends.

I also must mention that my girl loves the moon bounce and climbing anything and that perhaps after Christmas we should enroll in the Mommy and Me gymnastics class.
Another exciting thing going on here is that David started Upward basketball practice this week. Upward is a Christian basketball league and he has waited patiently for YEARS to finally get to put on the uniform and play!

How cute is this picture with his red hair flopping around? Mike is one of the coaches and I was so thrilled how well he did at the first practice:)

Ready to do some dribbling drills. Basketball is such a great way for him to get better at basketball and a great social opportunity for him! I will post a ton of pictures and hopefully a video at his first game November 6th:)

We need to practice the dribbling but he is getting better:) I am so proud of this angel and all that he is able to do! Sometimes I think we get so bogged down in what he cannot do yet, that we forget to celebrate all the awesome stuff he does daily:)
On another exciting note, I am heading to Johnson City this Saturday with some girl friends to see Chris Tomlin! I am beyond thrilled because he is my all-time favorite Christian singer:) Whoo hoo!!

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