Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gearing Up!

We are gearing up for Halloween this week in our household! The cupcakes for school parties are cooling on the racks, costumes are being gathered, and today we finally carved most of our pumpkins. Let me clarify, Ashley did most of the carving while we cheered her on! HA!

Hope cheesing for the camera! We did it inside today because it has been rainy here today:)
Hope waited so patiently for AShley to get the lids off to start carving!

David digging out the guts.

Me and Hope scooping out the guts from her sweet little pumpkin.

Kyle thought the guts stunk and was too into the TV show Ghost Hunters to do much with his pumpkin:)

God love Ashley!

Sweet moment of brotherly love.

David's pumpkin. I think it is precious but maybe looks like it has had a stroke?!

Mommy and Hope photo op with our big pumpkin! This was such a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon inside.
Hope has already gotten to preview one of her costumes Tuesday at storytime! She dressed up in her cat costume to go to Tuesday morning storytime:)

Sweet little face!

My happy little kitty cat:)

She loves to play puzzles after storytime is over while I check out books. This is our Tuesday morning tradition and I love it!
We have our weekend plans all made for the big Halloween day! This year we will go trick or treating with our neighborhood friends and have a pizza party before we head out. The boys are going to finalize their costumes tomorrow and we will be all ready for some spooky fun!

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  1. Oh my goodness, what an adorable little kitty cat she is! Happy Halloween!