Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Concert

I just had to post a very homemade video that I made with my Flipcam at the Chris Tomlin concert. First off, I had a total blast out with a group of ladies from church. I love that I got to eat and spend an entire evening with some great and funny ladies. I really think my stomach muscles are sore from laughing!!

There is so much I want to remember about this concert. I have literally been waiting years for Chris Tomlin to come somewhere near me and this was my chance!! He was so humble and amazing on stage-I love that after a song he would clap with the audience to redirect the applause to the One that is deserving of all of our worship. I love that one minute the place was rocking and then it would be the most mellow and heartfelt worship experience.

So, here is my humble video of my favorite christian worship leader. Do not worry, I did not sing and video because that would have been tragic to have this great video with my voice being heard over Chris Tomlin's! HA! So, enjoy this video:)

Ok I also have to add that you need to scroll down and pause the blog music so you can hear Chris Tomlin. Around 1:45 into the video you actually see him step away from the microphone and you can only hear the crowd singing. That must be so humbling and amazing to hear thousands of people sing back to you your songs. It gives me cold chills...

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