Saturday, October 30, 2010


We have had such a fun Halloween this year. Hope has gotten to wear three different costumes and we have had a lot of fun. I downloaded pictures in the wrong order, so here is how Hope ended our fun night of trick-or-treating with friends in the neighborhood!

Bless her heart-she is filthy, wet, and exhausted!
This girl insisted to get out of her stroller and walk like the big kids! I think she looks so cute with that big pumpkin!

She found the candy in the back of her stroller-smart girl!

Hope trick or treating at her first house!! The boys were so sweet and excited for her!

For several years now, we have done Hallowen night with our neighbors the Grubbs. Tonight it was so nice out, that we had an outdoor pizza party before we left for trick-or-treating! Doug is such a funny guy, and he decided to surprise Toni by throwing her in the leaves!

Our gang heading down the street. We are so thankful to have fun neighbors-it is always more fun with a group of people. We made the kids stick together and WALK this year (verus running) and it was way more fun for us all.

Kelsey and Hope eating some pizza at the princess table.

Ninjas Tanner and Kyle-Doug started a fire in the fire pit and I think that smoke looks neat behind them!

This is how cute they started the night out! Hope was suppose to be a kitty cat, but her little cat tutu would not have kept her warm enough, so I pulled out this Eeyore costume from when Kyle was a baby to keep her warm:)

Friday night is really when the weekend began when we went to David's school for a Monster Mash! It was a fun little dance they had at school. Hope went as a princess, David was a monster and Kyle started out as a ninja. Just moments before we left to go, however, Kyle took off his costume and said that he was too embarrassed to wear it?! My boy is at that age:)

Princess Hope and Ninja Kyle

Monster David and Kyle posing in the yard!

Princess Hope had my lipstick and was trying to get into it! She is obsessed with my makeup.

David is such a character at all times. This weekend he finally got fitted for his new bifocals and we are trying to help him adjust to those. Overall we have had a wonderful Halloween "week" and now Mike and Kyle are shifting through the candy weeding out all the "peanutty"candy that Mike will take to work:) Peanut allergies are no fun, but Kyle is super responsible about it. This Mommy is ready to put all her monsters to bed and call it a night:)

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