Sunday, October 17, 2010


How do you ever say thank you for a community of people that love your child and his DS buddies and come out to support them in the Buddy Walk? As I gathered myself to do the welcome today, I got choked up due to the love in that place.

The Buddy Walk is all about sharing the love and here is David giving a big welcome hug to one of his special ed teachers, Miss Alley. It overwhelms me when we have school folks there-they are technically "off duty" from school, but they still come out and support our kids.
Friendship is what inclusion is all about! Here are Kyle and caroline and they are in the same class this year. Inclusion works-Caroline is such an inclusion success story and Kyle loves sitting by her in class.
This is Angie and my Kyle adores her! He thinks it is so cool that she is my age, but clearly Angie is way more fun than me! I am so thankful that my three kids are going to be around amazing folks like Angie as they grow up! Angie is truly the life of ANY party:)

Here are Mike and Hope talking with Kilby and a new grandmother in our group. Her granddaughter was sick and unable to come, but she came on anyway:)

Here are some of our group sporting the yellow and blue. We were so blessed with a beautiful day!

Here are some of Dave's favorite people-Ashley and her friend Jason. David adores Ashley and we are so amazingly thankful for what she does with David.

Brooklyn and Hope digging the balloons!

A good party always has good food:) I joke that this is the best party in town and it really is:)

David always loves a good cupcake:)

Here is one of Ashley's friends,Jason, whom David ADORES:) He was so sweet to come today!

I love this picture of Kilby and Caroline! Kilby just recently earned her masters in Special Ed and we are so proud of her!

Pictures just do not convey how awesome this event is each year. There are so many days that I get discouraged about David's progress, but then on days like today I am just a Mom so thankful for this awesome teacher that God has put in my life. David and all his DS friends have truly changed me forever and I am so thankful that today they could be the belles of the ball!

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  1. What a wonderful day! I wish we could have been there!! Thanks for sharing those great pictures ~ everybody looks SO grown-up!! We would love to see you all "in person" some time soon!