Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fun Times

This weekend delivered all the fun that it promised. The swim meet went very well and Kyle actually attained another BB time in his 50 free! Sometime I will do a post on swim team and all the lingo. In the meantime, just know he has been working hard to earn BB times in his events to qualify for Lynchburg later in the season.

While Mike and Kyle were at the swim meet this morning, I took David and Hope to church. When we came home, we played in the leaves while we patiently waited for them to come home.

Hope loves crunching up the leaves and it is convenient because this week in her "school" we are studying leaves:)

David had a ball chasing me around with a pile of leaves to throw at me!

Hope has heard her brothers scream "cheese" at me for pictures and this is now what I get when I ask her to smile at the camera! HA! I love this picture and I love that you can see her sweet little teeth:) I know when it comes time for Christmas pictures this may not be so cute.

She is currently obsessed with pumpkins. That is great except for the fact that they are everywhere now and we must stop and feel each one. She can also sign orange and even say it. The cute little setup I had on the front porch is rearranged daily and I have just given up.

I am really enjoying playing with Hope's hair these days. It is getting really full and long, so it is fun to experiment and play beauty shop. This morning before church I gave her a bath and then I put the diffuser on my hairdryer and dried it. I love how her curls get wild and then I just clip her bangs back. I really do not know if she will truly have curly hair, so I am enjoying them for now.

I love that I caught this cute picture of David literally jumping in the leaves. Virginia in the fall in just gorgeous so we have tried in this busy weekend to enjoy the colors of the season.

The highlight of the weekend for me was a girls night out to eat at Cheddar's and then the Chris Tomlin concert! I was so excited and over the top about this that my friends got tickled at me. It was everything I thought it would be plus some!! I have several videos that I will try to post later today. It was just nice to be out without kids and to enjoy fellowship time with some ladies I really like and a chance to worship our Lord with an amazing Christian artist.

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