Thursday, October 28, 2010

Plan B

I am really not sure how much more fun we can handle this week! Today Kyle was suppose to have two friends over to work on scrapbooks from their zoo field trip. Well, we had some picture malfunctions and instead of putting together scrapbooks, we fell back on Plan B.

Plan B consisted of Kyle having his two friends, Grace and Caroline over and David having Tommy over to play.

They played some fierce football with Grace and Caroline taking turns cheering for them.

Then we laid out our trusty tablecloth and the kids ate some good pizza and other snacks. I love our backyard with this maple tree that is gorgeous during Fall. It makes me so happy to see my kids enjoying being outside with friends.

Then the kids decorated black tote bags for trick-or-treating this weekend with neon puffy paint. This was Plan B and it was perfect. The kids can work on their scrapbooks later in the winter when we cannot get outside and enjoy a pretty fall day. I so wish that I had pictures of their completed bags-they were so cute!

David perhaps is going to be a photographer because I love this picture! He stole my camera and started clicking away. I love this-I know he was probably clicking as I was grabbing it from him, and this picture is purely unintentional, but it is gorgeous to me.

Hope enjoyed the chaos of the kids being over and she especially loved these ranch Pringles!

Grace was so cute making her bag because she worked so hard to make it perfect!

David chomping on some pizza-we had no paper plates or napkins outside with us and look how dirty his shirt was!

I love this picture of Tommy playing on our playground!

Hope has not had a good appetite all week, but between the Pringles and the pizza, she definitely made up for it today!

On another fun note, I have found a mother's helper for Hope one morning a week. Our sweet twelve year old neighbor who is homeschooled is going to come over once a week to play with Hope while I get some stuff done. I know as the holidays are approaching this will be such a blessing. She took Hope downstairs to play while I did some heavy cleaning today. I am so thankful.

This weekend is packed full again, but it is mostly Halloween and family stuff. Mike is teaching again but thankfully this is his last weekend. Kyle has a soccer game and David is singing Sunday morning at church with the children's choir! I am excited/nervous to see how he does:) Happy Halloween!

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