Wednesday, October 6, 2010


My heart is so heavy tonight due to the news that a precious little boy from this area passed away today at St. Jude hospital after a five year battle with Leukemia. This whole town has prayed for this family and waited anxiously for caring bridge updates.

As a mom my heart is so heavy for these wonderful people. It has also provided me with a reminder about what is truly important in life. Sometimes we get so caught up in trivial matters or worse yet, we forfeit our peace going after the material things this world holds.

But this week has been such a reminder to me that when all is said and done LOVE is all that matters. Love the Lord with all your heart and share his good news with anyone who will listen. Next, love your family and neighbors and have a servant heart towards others.

Forgive quickly and love abundantly. I personally struggle with forgiving as quickly as I should always, but just as Jesus forgives us we MUST forgive others. As a mom, it is so easy to get caught in that trap of keeping a tally of who has "wronged" us. That mama bear trap is easy to get caught in. Not only should we forgive, but we have to model forgiveness for our children.

So tonight, say a prayer for the Musser family and love abundantly on your children, family, and friends. God will create beauty from these ashes as only he can. Go snuggle a little longer with your loved ones tonight and tomorrow if someone needs your forgiveness, lavish it upon them. Beauty will come from these ashes when hearts are tendered toward the One that provides peace that passes all understanding.

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