Thursday, October 28, 2010


I have two new obsessions that I must share about! The first one is a new song by Mercy Me called Beautiful. I tried to upload the video to the blog, but I am having technical difficulty today. Check it out on Youtube. There is a line in that song that is amazing and I must get it tattooed on my forehead and my daughter's .

The line goes you are treasured, you are sacred, You are His. How life-changing of a line can that be for some little girl (or big girl) that needs to be reminded how precious she is.

Another current obsession I have is with pillowcase dresses for little girls. They are amazing because they grow with your child and can be wore solo in warmer months or layered with a turtleneck for chillier months. I got this Elmo dress off of Etsy for Hope and we are both digging it!

You are treasured

You are sacred

You are His!

I pray that that God truth sinks into my little girls soul. I desperately want my daughter to know how she is sacred and valuable to not only us as her parents, but to the most High God. Her life will be so transformed when she realizes that He knows how many hairs are on her head and that He desperately loves her. Check out that song and share it with the beautiful people in your life.

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