Monday, October 11, 2010


Yep, hungover is exactly how I feel today. But not because of alcohol consumption but because of all the fun that was stuffed into this past weekend. Seriously, I am not sure how much more fun this girl could have handled this weekend.

It all started Friday night. Mike was headed to Roanoke to teach for the night and I was headed to Radford for some family time. Mike convinced me late Friday afternoon to head to Roanoke after I dropped the kids off and meet him for a late dinner after his Friday night session. It took him about 4 minutes to convince me that a little shopping and an adult dinner would be a great way to spend a Friday night. The kids did well at my parents house and Mike and I enjoyed some great food and great conversation. I cannot even express how much my soul needed a night with Mike.

Then Saturday we all suited up in our orange and maroon and headed to the VT football game. The plan was for Mom to keep Hope and Dad and I to take the boys. We had to go to Plan B when we realized that my Dad's hurting back was not going to allow him a day of football and fun. So, my Mom and I took all three kids to the game and we had a blast!

After the game we rushed home to met Mike and head to our local theater for a christian event called Encounter! It is a wonderful night of good worship music, fun and preaching. AWESOME!! I wish I had pictures to share, but I was too caught up in the night to pull our my trusty Nikon. If you are local, look for this event next year and GO!

Sunday after church, Kyle was invited to a nerf gun birthday party for two of his buddies. The weather was perfect and it was held at a farm that belongs to one of the boys. What a great way to spend a beautiful indian summer afternoon!
The kids are riding a hay wagon out to the campsite where the games and food were set up. My boy was in heaven and look how beautiful the area is! Virginia in the fall is just gorgeous!

Here is Kyle getting his orange headband on for one of the "wars"

This family built this amazing tree house that they use for camping. It is really beautiful and it made for a fun party place.

When I came home from the party with Kyle, my neighbor had given my kids this slide from Little Tykes. They were having a ball on it when I got home:) Yes, Hope is still in her church dress!

Also while I was gone, David pulled out this old Steelers uniform and wore it! Here he is with his game face on:)

Here is my girl on the "phone!" She is my talkative child and she learns more words each day and she gets louder! I am so glad she has so much to say, and her voice is so sweet and country! HA!

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