Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Heart Fall

I absolutely adore Fall. I love football, pretty mums, cooler temperatures, breath-taking foliage, and the list goes on and on. I especially love:

Three cute Robinson kiddos in the pumpkin patch. We made a spontaneous trip to the pumpkin patch after school today to fill up our SUV with fall stuff like pumpkins, mums, and gourds.

This little one had a ball and even checked out the hay wagon.

This week we have "studied" pumpkins and the color orange, so the boys got such a kick out of the idea that we were going on a field trip for Hope today so she could see real pumpkins!

I love catching my biggest and my youngest sharing some love amongst the pumpkins. Kyle is really a huge help to me and he is wonderful at chasing Hope and carrying her around for me. He is great at corralling a roving toddler!

Only in the fall could you get such an adorable picture like this. Ashley got this hilarious picture of my two youngest chillin' with the pumpkins! I love their expressions and I love that most of the pumpkins are bigger than Hope!

I love big boys that are not too big to get excited about picking out the biggest pumpkin in the patch.

I love the view of the golf course year round, but it is especially beautiful during the fall months.

Fall brings lots of fun and festive decorations. I love the colors of fall and I get so excited to buy mums:)

Only during fall could you have a cute Elmo pumpkin on the front porch and a cute little girl that is willing to kiss him!

During fall there is usually a backyard game of football going on:) These games usually lead to some drama and at least one child crying! You gotta love brotherly love :)

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