Sunday, October 31, 2010

Musical Dave

After a fun night of Halloween fun, why is Hope so excited for church this morning?

Because, big brother David was performing with the children's choir for the first time today! David has been going to church on Wednesday nights for childrens choir and today they sang and played the handbells.
David was hilarious-he waved to the crowd, tooka huge bow when it was over, and even motioned for me to take pictures while he was singing.

He started out on the back row and then kept scooting farther back so he could be seen better:)
During This Little Light of mine, he decided that Addyson needed his "help" and sang to her instead of the crowd! Choir is such a great experience for him and he loves it!

We were so thankful and surprised when Ashley and her mom, Pat showed up to watch David. We are so blessed to have her-she loves David and is so invested in his life.

Pat, Ashley, and David smiling after it was all over:)

Here is a video that I shot with my flipcam of some of the performance:)

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